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US Dollar Index USDX Chart Analysis for 24th October 2023

US Dollar Index USDX Chart Analysis shows that we are almost at final leg of this chart‘s wave 1 before an expected and much awaited pull back. I like to correlate this chart with index trading - mostly Nifty50 and Bitcoin. This chart shows that we are going up, this entire pull back took index to greater hights but eventually there is room for it to go up and I will not be surprised if we get one more thrust to melt the index funds worldwide. If you correlate this with other index then you will see that man of them have reached a level where a pull back has been pending and consolidation has been greater than few weeks. I will be posting these on daily basis. Come back again tomorrow for a free chart analysis,

USDX chart for 24th October 2023

USDX chart is full of surprises, a pull back minor here for internal wave 2 to then wave 3,4,5 up to complete wave 1 of higher degree.

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