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Nifty50 Stock Price Analysis for 7th December 2023

Gann talked about price and time squaring and impact on trend change dates. Today 7th December 2023 is a massive price time squaring for a trend change based on higher time frames like daily chart and weekly chart. It will be interesting to see if this starts today as we were expecting pull backs. I had mentioned about 7th December as trend change date few days back.

We are looking for pull back on Nifty50
Internal 4th wave eating premiums o Nifty chart

Nifty50 is moving in upward direction, when you know the trend is up then don't short the market. Trend is your friend. Never trade against the trend. It is buy on dips market. Even if there is pull back, we will wait for it and then take the trade when ABC waves are completed. If you get right trades, you compound wealth easily.

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