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Nifty50 Stock Price Analysis for 4th December 2023

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Updated: Nifty50 should end 5th wave. New chart updated below. Nifty50 loves because whatever we plan happens. Nifty has reached a targeted level from where we should see a drop. A pullback perhaps that will help us to enter long positions again. If you haven’t seen the cheat sheet then check here.

Nifty50 completed Wave 3 today, and now it should fall down in 3 waves of ABC.

Nifty50 at the peak of wave 3 completion

I am happy with this outcome, in fact we were able to manage the upside as well with Venus entering Libra and perhaps some Gann stuff. There is also a major trend reversal time around 7th December 2023. So perhaps the pull back may finish by then.

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New Update: Nifty50 ended 4th wave, and there is chance of minor wave up which should finish by 2 pm max on 4th December 2023.

Nifto50 chart analysis for 4th December 2023

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