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Nifty50 Stock Price Analysis for 29th November 2023

Nifty50 is moving in the direction of your charts-stocks blogs.

We are in wave 3, so expect some gap ups before wave 4 kicks in. If you are able to spot white vertical lines in charts, you will notice that time of trend change is always mentioned in most of analysis. This is because we follow Gann methods and Falcon Wave patterns that help us determine new trend change dates and times. Having said that, timing the market is impossible and we can always be wrong unless we follow rules of Gann. You can google it yourself and check. I have added green vertical line to show next expiry for you to plan your trades well. This shows options expiry date.


Nifty50 will move towards 20,000 and it is just matter of time.

Stay updated with daily chart analysis on this blog.

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