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Nifty50 Stock Price Analysis for 22nd November 2023

Nifty50 is moving as per the posts on charts-stocks. We have given you daily Elliott Wave counts and yet you are not able to trade well. Why?

  • Use stop loss for your trades

  • Focus on one time frame - understand fractal nature of waves

  • Price action is key (before any indicator)

  • Most indicators are lagging, price will always tell the truth

  • Retests are real, they will happen

  • Pull back is necessary for uptrend

22nd November looks like a massive gap up. I am looking at 100+ points to conclude wave 3 internal. If all goes well. Currently Nifty50 is in wave 3 internal, we opened gap up and moved higher to cross a 1H pivot level, took the retest respecting the zone and moved higher. Now we have a possible upmove crossing the blue box before falling back for a consolidation.

Nifty moving higher , trending chart

It’s not easy to ride the trend, but it is easy to follow the trend by first learning the art of trading. Jump ahead with new daily charts on the blog. Remember to share on social media for larger audience.

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