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Nifty50 Stock Price Analysis for 21st December 2023

Nifty50 - one of the most easiest tradable script where you can make millions provided you follow the rules.

Simple two rules,

  • Never go against Heikinashi Candle (Never go against a trend)

  • Use stop loss

Even if your win rate is poor, you can still win big by using stop loss.

Exit a trade when you are wrong, and keep up your profits by trailing your stop loss. We are moving in direction of our initial targets. We will refine them as soon as we reach those levels. For now this has been a good setup.


Here is a 3H chart of Nifty50 - showing that the price has come to a point where sellers have started acting strong. With huge selling pressure, Nifty50 remains vulnerable for further fall.

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