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Nifty50 Stock Price Analysis for 11th December 2023

Nifty50 is almost exhausted. This is looking like a rally that is obviously buy on dips market, however we were waiting for pull back. Pull back to buy ofcourse, and now Nifty50 is moving ahead. Next stop looks like wave 5 internal completion which did not complete in last trading session.


Wave 4 is usually no trade zone for many reason but sometimes we can not just stay away. The entire session was a sideways on 1H chart. Which broke above box, and moved higher. If this continues then I am looking at 21050 plus levels before we turn back. We got some pull back in smaller wave counts that previous blog posts were marked in red and white. However in this bigger wave count the green 3 is in the making and pull back should happen soon.

3H chart with Falcon indicators going strong:

Falcon Buy and Sell Trigger Indicator

HA Candle with Falcon Buy Sell Trigger Indicator (Private, avaiable for sale). Nifty50 on 3H has reached a potential reversal area at the end of the channel but no trade confirmation yet.

  1. We should either see a red HA candle

  2. Or price closing below previous green candle

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