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Nifty 50 Share Rate | Nifty 50 Stock Price today for 27th October 2023

Heavy red day on 26th October 2023, what follows on 27th October 2023? Here is the chart explaining: When I present chart, you will always find trigger line, stop loss line and target line. However whenever you have to enter a trade - it should always be in line with Heikinashi Candle. a red HA candle means market is in sell mode. We do not trade against the trend. We are looking for upswing from here, I would like to see a green candle crossing previous red HA candle to begin with. Here is the chart, I am still expecting some reversal around this area.

Nifty 50 Price Today

Entire ABC wave looks completed to form Wave 4. Earlier we were counting 5 waves for wave A. However, the move has been really steep for wave A alone and looks like this was complete ABC wave with last wave c having 5 waves down. We are in 5th wave of C, should be completed, or can go little down but we are in a very perfect zone of some bounce. So for Nifty 50 Stock Price Chart, focus on key price action levels drawn in the chart and understand the white vertical line for the trend change. It will happen on 30th October 2023, 9:!5 AM. That should be some alpha there. Happy Trading Nifty50!

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