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Nifty 50 Share Rate | Nifty 50 Stock Price Analysis today for 3rd November 2023

Before I begin, please check previous post so that you know on daily basis what are my thoughts for trading Nifty 50. Previous Post Here is a chart for you for Nifty 50 stock price analysis for 3rd November 2023. Once I get enough readers for Nifty, I will add Bank Nifty charts on daily basis. You can follow me on Twitter and drop a comment.

Currently I am looking at more upward movement before we drop. We have more room to go up for now.

Nifty50 following Falcon Trader

I have already mentioned in my previous trade a very important section on how to trade Nifty 50. I have also added some time change and trend change dates.

Next hurdle is the pink box, and this can be taken if we open gap up tomorrow.

Possible trend change dates and times:-

  • Friday, 3rd November 2023, 9:15 am, looks like a massive trend change

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