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Nifty 50 Share Rate | Nifty 50 Stock Price Analysis today for 1st November 2023

Wow November is starting tomorrow. Just few weeks back we were talking about 20K and then some also talked about 12K and we are still in between somewhere… In our last blog for Nifty 50 Share Rate, I mentioned that we will go up and this seems to be in the right direction. Here is the link to that blog here. So far our analysis for Nifty 50 , it has been pretty accurate. The price time squaring, the cyclic lines or even the simple wave analysis has been great. Some money came in, lot more could have - but that is the story I guess.

Gap Up in Nifty 50

I am looking at some up move from here for Nifty 50. I do not want it to touch the green channel or make a bigger wave 2 just yet. Will like to see some crazy gap ups in next 2-3 days. If however this gives against us then let me remind you few things - since you have reached here and are reading. May be share it with people.

  • Always trade with the trend, Nifty 50 can be volatile - so what?. Don’t trade against Heinkashi Candles. Simple.

  • Whenever price reaches Falcon Boxes, exit trade - book profit.

In options trading or even in Futures, booking profit is an art. Execution is the key.

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