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Nifty 50 daily chart analysis, long term view

We already discussed Nifty 50 chart analysis for 6th November 2023 here Here I am talking about a long term view, perhaps few weeks ahead from today.

Nifty 50 long term (mid view)

We are in bullish sequence with target around 21000 levels for now. Currently we have started the 5 wave journey and we are in wave 1 only. Two key dates for trend change are:-

  • 16th November 2023

  • 20th December 2023

I am looking at this wave 1 to end before 16th November 2023

Nifty 50 is full of surprises, but this is what it is and we move each day with chart analysis. At Charts Stocks, you get free daily chart analysis for education purpose. Feel free to learn and discuss. You can drop comment or contact me for any information you would like. Nifty 50 chart analysis helps you to plan and trade accordingly.

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