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Dow Jones Chart Analysis | DJI Stock Chart for 14th November 2023

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Here is a comprehensive analysis for Dow Jones chart of Charts-Stocks, before you read please remember that at Charts-Stocks I try to give you free analysis everyday for Dow Jones, Bitcoin and other scripts. DowJones Chart on daily time frame is about to complete wave B of Wave 2 of higher cycle as shown in the chart.

DowJones completing wave B

The fall has been in ABC format so far we have completed Wave A and about to complete Wave B. This also means that we have room for downward Wave C. DowJones chart looks like we have some scope down. With new DXY USDX analysis that you can read here, it seems that DXY has room for upward movement which will eventually bring DowJones down?

Dow Jones Elliott Wave Analysis

Dow Jones index in 1H time frame shows that the last leg is pending for completing wave 5th in smaller cycles. This will eventually finish in next 1 or two trading sessions. What do you think of the analysis? Feel free to comment below.

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