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Bitcoin Price Today | Bitcoin Price Chart Analysis for 5th November 2023

Bitcoin is moving as per our plans, and chart analysis that I write daily on this blog. I am 90 years old, in my mind I am way older. Anyway, drinks served. Have to enjoy the day, life is indeed short. Looking at this upswing and planning to take a short at the 50% falcon fib level drawn weeks ago. But whenever I enter a trade, I always wait for confirmation. Burnt my hands, learned hard way - and keeping rule book open and reading it daily helps.

Bitcoin moving higher

Some serious stuff here: I am looking at this chart, this is fractal in nature. We have waves under waves and 4th wave is really tricky. If this falls from here, and goes below our levels then we plan again. That is why even when we are 100% sure we will always use stop loss.

Stop loss helps, we win big and we lose small.

Bitcoin wave 4 pull back later again will be in ABC format and at the bottom of that we can start planning to take some alt coins. I am willing to explore a potential of 1000% upside in few after that.

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