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Bitcoin Price Today | Bitcoin Price Chart Analysis for 4th November 2023 (Second Blog)

Bitcoin chart for your analysis. Where is Bitcoin pricing going? We are looking at an upside here. Lot of Crypto coins are breaking our of slanting line on daily chart, a perfect way to understand a bullish bias. I am not changing the count for now, we are in a 3rd wave pattern which probably is seeing an internal wave 2 minor being formed.


There were few calls made today. The possible significance of a screener will be shared in uplocing educational blog. Don't miss out. I will also talk about compounding on Crypto spot rather than Futures and why it helps in the long run. Some great insights on top 10 weekly picks series will be started soon. I will also talk about taxation and how to calculate and keep up with the governmental rules and regulation for different countries like USA, Canada, UK and France. I might include India and Japan.

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