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Bitcoin Price Today | Bitcoin Price Chart Analysis for 4th November 2023

SEO is key here, and I am adding next date (4th) or sometimes same day to keep SEO motivated to rank us higher. However you know what I am writing as long as you understand reading charts. The analysis is always for the future and therefore the future date.

Bitcoin LOVES us. It moves with us.

We were predicting some pull backs at these levels. Understandable. For 4th November 2023, Bitcoin should settle down and then we move up again. Hopefully soon.

Bitcoin Movement around wave 4
Long back when I would trade like you, I would wait for key level eateries, and then wait for some retest around those areas. Sometimes waiting helps, patience is the key.

Bitcoin price today is around 34177 as I write this with high of 35984, the pull back looks a temporary so far and reversal can happen. But how do you know that reversal has happened. Some deep dive in to it,

  • One key way to look at reversal formation is price action with higher lows formation

  • If a green candle takes high of a previous red candle (a big red candle) and closes above the high of previous red candle, or closes above the low of previous red candle then we can say that there are some buyers coming in

  • Volume plays a key role and indicators like MACD, OBV, RSI will all point to something if you read it correctly

  • RSI divergence often shows the last divergence before a trend change - more on that later in education blogs

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