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Bitcoin Price Today | Bitcoin Price Chart Analysis for 27th October 2023

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

UPDATED (Now any change after posting a blog will have updated written in red.) Bitcoin is moving in the direction that was posted in the previous blog. You can check it out here. I am interested in a retest of the green box which is also Falcon weekly pivot level. Looking at the structure, we can safely say for now that this is a minor pull back. I will worry if the green box is taken. Currently we will go in 3 wave pattern ABC format to touch the green box and make it a wave 4. Bitcoin price currently is around 34000 USD and giving below towards 31000 levels. Are you checking my harts daily? Drop a comment below.

Bitcoin minor pull back in the making

The overall pattern looks solid, and we can get some gains post the pull back phase is over. I will be happy to see if you come back and interact by commenting below, or perhaps share some ideas of your own. The charts-stocks team is devoted to give you charts on daily basis for free. We will try to add Ethereum charts too once we are aligned on the long term benefit. If you can share the charts or blog or the website and let people know, to help us get motivated to continue this journey. UPDATED

Bitcoin 30 min chart. I am looking at 5 waves down. Looks like internal wave 2 is formed of very small wave. We can go further down. If this changes then we will have to re-look at the whole ABC format. Keeping stop loss for every trade helps.

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