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Bitcoin Price Today | Bitcoin Price Chart Analysis for 26th October 2023

Bitcoin is doing just what we had expected and here is a 4H chart that shows our counts remain unchanged. A pull back here is a minor one for internal wave 4 that will end around 31000 levels. Bitcoin Price Today is nothing but an opportunity. Take a well calculated call with analysis on charts-stocks.

Bitcoin Chart with internal wave 4 pull back in the making

I am expecting rally to go further up. In previous posts I have shown you Monthly, Weekly and Daily chart of Bitcoin. Here we are looking at a pull back for today, that will continue in 3 waves format (ABC wave) to complete wave 4. I am happy with the upside so far. Use Heikinashi Candle to follow the trend on higher time frame. If you are doing futures trading, make sure you manage your risk. Well. Happy trading!

Follow me everyday for FREE for daily update on Bitcoin chart. I will be adding Ethereum as well once I find some more time to write here.

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