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Bitcoin Price Today | Bitcoin Price Chart Analysis for 24th October 2023

As I write this blog, I am wondering how I can help people to learn and execute trades or Bitcoin like a pro each time. Having said that, I feel I can share chart analysis on daily basis for Bitcoin price today, to keep the momentum high and allow people to come here and learn.

I will try to put the charts here every day. To begin this is a monthly chart of BTCUSDT and we are looking at monthly Orange count which started in 2018 and around 2019 we were at a low of 2817 USDT. Post that we are in Weekly 5 waves up, were Weekly wave 1 is shown in Green 1, and pull back in Green 2 and we are in up move since 2020, in Weekly Green 3. Once you understand, and understand concept of fractal nature of waves you will realise that from Weekly wave 2 to wave 3, there will be 5 waves in Daily. These 5 waves will be marked in Blue. We completed Daily wave 1 in 2021 with high of 69000. Remember round numbers are important for Bitcoin. Bitcoin price today as I write is 34661.41 and this is a pretty new high price after many weeks, perhaps perfect time to write Bitcoin Price Today blogs.

Bitcoin Monthly Chart October 2023

What we can see is that we are in between Weekly 2 and Weekly 3 waves (Green) and in Daily waves we took a pul back to form Daily wave 2 and now we are in upwards momentum in between Daily wave 2 and Daily wave 3. Here is Weekly Chart. As we will do this daily we will do Monthly and Weekly charts only once a week, and we very day I will try to focus on Daily and may be Hourly Chart.

Bitcoin Weekly Chart October 2023

In Weekly chart it looks clear that momentum is upside. And we can form first Hourly Wave 1, inside the Daily somewhere around 44086 levels. I had mentioned this after Wave 2 was formed in my Telegram post as well but I am not active there and will focus more here in my blogs. I can see that currently we are in wave 3 of 3 of the Hourly wave 1. Here is Daily Chart for Bitcoin Price Today:

Bitcoin Daily Time Frame Chart for October 24th 2023

I am still looking at some upside from here, and eventually we will move towards 40K USDT levels soon.

How to trade Bitcoin Price Today?

I will be putting lot of FREE educational content for all of you. Remember though, the first step is to understand Heikinashi Candles and then Risk Management. Trade with help of, trade at your own risk. These charts will act like a guide for you, but you will need to trade on your own. I will release some videos as well for trading strategies later. Everyday I will give you charts, next charts will be on Hourly Time Frame as well. Happy Trading Bitcoin!

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