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Bitcoin Price Chart Analysis for 30th November 2023

Bitcoin waiting for a good uptrend? Software intelligence firm MicroStrategy has announced another massive bitcoin investment, purchasing 16,130 BTC for approximately $593 million, bringing the total of its treasury reserves to 174,530 BTC. People are ready, and we are too. Can we see 40,000 USDT quick?

Bitcoin 4H chart showing up move

Bitcoin is testing fractal wave structure around 38000, two attempts to cross failed. We are in positive zone and can see 40,000 USDT soon. The pull back here is healthy and also retests a strong zone which can perhaps become a strong support for some time if we move quick. November expiry for Bitcoin trade is over and perhaps market maker did not want this to be exercised soon enough and bullish move upside can perhaps be a single 2000 - 3000 USDT candle before a consolidation pause again?

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