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Bitcoin Price Chart Analysis for 1st December 2023

Bitcoin again crossed 38000 levels, and there has been a massive surge in the price here. We can witness 40,000 levels soon. The upside seems to be good for now, and the chart pattern is unfolding. More on this over the weekend. I will also add weekly and monthly analysis of Bitcoin this weekend, so do come back for daily free analysis for Bitcoin using Elliott Wave Theory, Falcon Waves and unfolding price action strategies.

Bitcoin reaching 40,000 usdt in December 2023

Bitcoin Price Chart Analysis for 30th November 2023Upside seems to be logical, first line would be 41000 and then a consolidation zone before we hit 42000.

Bitcoin helps other Alts move, if you check out the way Avax, Sol and many other are moving, there is so much opportunity here. Plan your trades well. Happy Trading!

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