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Bitcoin Price Chart Analysis for 11th December 2023

Updated: 11th Dec 2023

Bitcoin drop to wave 4

The massive crash that happened during covid and other times in Bitcoin were wave 2 of some degree, and the minor crash that happened today was probably wave 4 on higher counts.

Bitcoin is moving steady and now the target is 45000++ if you remember few days back we were under 40K and that time we were looking for 40K levels, and now the time has come for us to move higher.

How will it go from here for Bitcoin?

For now, wave 1 of wave 5 will be formed which will be longer than expected. This means that wave 1 itself can go above 44K and then rejection around those levels will be wave 2 internal of this wave 5 (if you know what I mean - hit the like button)

I will update more charts - let me know what yu want to see on Twitter (X). You can follow me and message me there.

Alternative count: If you look above chart, we have marked black waves, and this entire dump probably is for wave 4 of black wave forming. This is too early to predict for now, confirmation can be at some level break of current low. More on this tomorrow.

How to trade this, wait for confirmation, and whenever entering long, make sure you enter with tight stop loss. A wave C can dump further towards 39K.

If this goes up from here, then above count will play and stop loss still remains current low.

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