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Bank Nifty Chart and Bank Nifty Index Analysis for 6th November 2023

Introducing free daily Bank Nifty Chart and Bank Nifty Index Analysis for my beautiful readers who are so wonderful, so beautiful ---- just like a WOW! It looks like wave 4 internal is completed here and now we are moving in 5 waves upside. While we are still unclear of final structure, it still looks bullish considering Nifty is also bullish. Here is a chart analysis for Bank Nifty:

Bank Nifty

Here is a daily chart analysis of Bank Nifty. We probably are in the 5th wave upside which can take it crossing 50,000 INR value, a much higher than lot of people were thinking initially.

Bank Nifty Index

We have completed internal wave 1 of this, for your reference and since you pay less attention here are some colour keys for the wave count Green is weekly Blue is Daily Pink is Hourly (Within hourly we have numeric 1,2,3,4,5) I hope this helps, If wave 4 of 3rd wave up is done, this will also end the 3rd wave of 5th wave daily, which has some more room upside. More on this later. I will be adding Bank Nifty Chart daily for my readers, if possible share and like so that more people know about this free daily analysis.

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